Saturday, July 21, 2007

FanArt Pic of: Michael Mahonen!

A fanart picture I've just made, of Director/Actor/Writer-Michael(Mickey) Mahonen!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


As some of you may recall, a few weeks ago, I had posted a desperate post on "The Right to Die" and I deleted it, as I got negative responses.

Well, my Uncle Bill--my last Uncle, has passed away, and our family is in mourning.
I am posting this as a bulletin, as our family and Uncle Bill's family; need your global prayers for peace, harmony and comfort. WE cannot even attend his funeral celebration of life; as they live too far away, and this too, has our hearts in many knots.....

I also had mentioned, how seriously ill, my Mother Constance is. She is worsening, and we children feel helpless. Please, ask the God of HOPE, to ease her suffering with love, hope, peace, and health improvements!

I won't go into long details, on Uncles death, nor Mom's decline.. just know, we need YOU... to help lift our spirits today.... as we feel weakened by events this past couple weeks, and Mom's decline has me and my 3 siblings; in complete turmoil.

God Bless you, my online space friends... and I thank you in advance for your prayers...

Much love,Donna Doreen aka North

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Canada Day & USA Independance Day



May we ALL, strive to become aware of the priveleges our freedoms and independance have given to us. May our country's be safe from harm, and corrupt governments; which abdicate the freedoms and liberty, to which we are accustomed and expect. May freedom be given all country's in the world; who are currently oppressed!!

Love to all of YOU!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hmm, ten whole days, and not a word from me!! How dare I ignore my blogspot like this eh?

Well, what can I say... nothing new!! : )

myspace is nice, hope ya'll visit if you have one, and become a north-friend!!

Norths Designs Myspace

Not sure what to blog about any more. I've posted recipes, crafts, poetry, designs and inspirational stories.

Thanks to those of you still visiting, hope you continue to do so!!
I"m just in a change of season... (gentle smile.)


Sunday, June 10, 2007

HappY FatherS DaY!!

Well, now ya'll know why I got talked into myspace; you can post videos, slide shows!! sigggh
The above link will take you to an awesome Fathers DAy video commercial by MC Hammer and Hallmark--courtesy of YouTube!
God Bless ya's Dad's!!

Spirit of the North


At times, I feel these 3 broken bones will just never heal!! Perhaps it's because I just have too much responsibility; and I am not one to bow out from that. Just finished a week at Moms every day up to 8-10 hours a day; as her walls in every room were washed down!! My son and I, were there to put everything back, after first being polished and shined. Today, we went over, and cooked her fave meatloaf which she says "only I can make" and made her favorite orange starlight cake(the flavouring, is grated orange peel.)
A good time was had by the three of us, played some yahtzee, and dice games all day; and well now, am in my flannels, and wishin' it were at least later already, so I can crash. too light out still, so not a go yet.... lol
Tomorrow is my Mom's 74th birthday, and will be going over again, even though we gave her her cards and gifts and cake today. This is what she wanted to do. Tomorrow, visitors will have left-over cake and tea.. works out well... lol She tires easily, and is so frustrated from that, but she is handling it better than a week ago!!! whew!(gentle smile)
As for me... bone-tired of course, but holding my own. My son has been a huge help around here and at Mom's; thankyou god for his blessed presence, and for being such a good, and attentive son!!
Lost all the appeals to the disab about the overpayments they say I owe them, for not making 100 a month as a designer; I made an average of only 56... and because of that, am in the hole to them, for nine months.... plus, they took off 100 because my son is home, and they assume he is paying to be here. dear god... so, this issue is still huge, and I'm having a hard time understanding the "why's" of it!!! I feel all discouraged now, and just don't have the oomph I had, a few months ago---the disab took my oomph, and I can't get it back per se.
summer is here, but not without constant, frightening changes!! an hour from here, a huge grocery store lost there roof, as a tornado passed by!! Three days ago, we had snow flakes, then a day of cold, hard wind and rain, then yesterday, severe thunder storms and high winds form that tornado!! today, was sooO hot and sunny!! This is scary weather people....
that's about all there is, here on the north-front! Hope your front is doing better than the norths...
Love to all, and all to love!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Winding Roads & Aging Moms

Hello, visitors!! If you were a regular, soOo sorry for the long absentia!!

Believe it or not, I am still healing from the nasty breaks to my bones. I got into a deep, sad funk. After what happened with my disab prog; losing a month of physio on my shoulder, that I have been doing since Janyuary 2007! Mom's heart, losses and more losses; starting physio back last week, only to realize, my broken bones can't handle the ride to the hospital to go!! Didn't go this week, start back next week; 2'xs a week, if I can't do it, I'm bumped out, to let someone else in. I had to come to a realization!!

Sink woman... or swim!

So, with the patient help from my son; I have begun anew! I have made a myspace profile, and it's been too much fun, should I feel guilty when hurting sooOo badly, in so many ways? nahhhh!(wry smile.) But really, couldn't have done it without him, and it really did re-aspire me to stop feeling desperately helpless "in this system"; which is all too famiar when repeatedly knocked down by a "protective system", designed to protect you from governmental and political exploitation, and debts incurred from "servitude" to not meeting program requirements, which change as fast as the seasons, or politicians, elections and public debate; which can reach back a year or two; and say "you owe us this much" for three years ago; with no consideration, on how it DOES indebt us to them; and we live in a feast to famine and back again; at a continuus, desperation. Doesn't even matter, if we are disabled, feebled and old, or a child; sick and dying.... WE ARE... swimming as fast as we can!

I just wish the public realized, how corrupt this disability system IS; and how we live in a constant-changing political-prison of conformity, deprivation, debt-servitude, and constant harrassment. And so many millions walk by, and don't see us, don't hear us, don't want to "know" the truth of what is happening to US!! And then, they go home, and complain around family tables; about the dysfunction in the poorer sects; and wail, did you see that old lady crying in public; has she no shame? Oh dear God....

Mom returned from her long trip for the angiogram(scrape out arteries) just late this afternoon, only to learn after a gruelling, painful 3-day trip/a full day of testing, that her heart is 90% blocked and that she was allergic to the blood thinners the docs had her on for a long time now. Her savings are gone from these long trips for health-care! Will I ever sleep in peace and comfort again?

With an aging, very ill only parent, with 3 broken bones, and now indebted for almost a year, to a corrupt social program, because I considered disabled, and b/c I "tried" to make a difference, and design, claimed it; didn't "make enough" so am dinged for not doing so. Does this make fucking sense anyone? really?

Tell me? How does one keep their chin UP?

You do something NEW!! Play a NEW song!! Walk on a different block!! Change with it!

And so, I did... at myspace; with a little help from my son, and "friends."

North Design - Myspace Site!

Hope to see you there! Keep us in your prayers?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

See Light in Everything!

in this
is to

(unknown author (unknown artist of pic)
I am healing as well as can be expected from the breaks to the tailbone and pelvis. I return to my physiotherapy regime in the early am tomorrow, after a month off from it. Picked it up best I could under the circumstances; and hope I am ready for the last half of the program for my arm, shoulder & elbow, spine, neck; with the focus on the tendons of the shoulder; it's had it basicly; so now its to build it up as much as we can with strength; which is going to hurt all my owies!!
I am barely designing anything at all new, like I used to do; but did start a myspace place, to be able to comment on sites to which I have interests in their art, craft, and what-have-you's.... this site will be more personally touched.
It is a couple miles to the hospital for this tomorrow; this is where i was going, when I slipped on the frosty morning steps, and down I went on the front of my tailbone. Here we are a month already, and truly; it feels only a week or more some days. Walking is brutal, even around the house; but, been keeping puttering; which is prob hurting the healing process; but, we keep active as much as we can; idleness is fears playground.
Mom goes for heart surgery 29th; where her arteries get scraped out(angioplasty??) and I am so afraid for her; as the trip to the specialist is long(5.30 hours one way) and a boring trip; and the thought of her driving home with a yard stick long incision in her thigh is tearing this daughter apart. I can't even go with her; but, my sister in law is.
Well, this is a long enough sit for now; will post anything new(thoughts or a design) when next abled.
healing as best and as fast as I can; here, in north country.......
with loving kindness,

Friday, May 18, 2007



Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers Day Poem

I wrote this poem on my Mom's birthday, in her birthday card.
A wonderful Mom's Day poem as well, because we are;
reflections of Mother! Happy Mothers Day, to all Mom's!! on May 13th!!

REFLECTIONS OF MOTHER -D.D. Sonnenburg-June 11, 1999.

When people tell me I am kind
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am wise
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am generous
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way".

When people tell me I am a good friend
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am a fantastic cook
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am a wonderful Mom
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am creative
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am trusted
I tell them,
"My Mother made me that way."

When people tell me I am beautiful
I tell them,

"I am a reflection of my Mother."

DDS-June 11, 1999